Lucy Jen, Ph.D., PE

Principal Engineer
Geotechnical & Numerical Modeling

Lucy is a Professor of the Practice in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tufts University with over 20 years of part-time teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses in soil mechanics, foundation engineering, soil behavior, and geotechnical engineering design at MIT, Northeastern, and Tufts.

Lucy’s project experience includes:

  • Lead Geotechnical Engineer during the construction of Terminal A Redevelopment Project at Boston, Massachusetts Logan Airport
  • Senior Reviewer for geotechnical-related issues for Design-Build team on the MBTA Green Line Extension in Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford, Massachusetts
  • Sr Geotechnical Engineer for excavation design and field instrumentation of MBTA South Boston Underground Transitway Project in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Lead Geotechnical for the foundation design and construction services related to foundation work for the new Fuller Middle School building in Framingham, Massachusetts

Educational Background

Ph.D. Geotechnical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1998

M.S. Transportation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1992

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of California, Irvine, 1990

Registered Professional Engineer

Professional Engineer – New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island.

Selected Projects

Dogue Creek Force Main, VA: Geostructural Engineer responsible for the design of the excavation support for six 25- to 40-ft deep shafts for a micro-tunneled pipe. Design included sheetpiles with waler frames and soldier piles and lagging.

Forensic Investigation, Berth 7, Port Freeport, TX: Geostructural Engineer responsible for the forensic investigation by numerical analysis using Plaxis 2D to evaluate excessive deformations and settlements, tieback failure, and structural damage experienced on the already-built wharf.

Lake Mead Intake 3, Las Vegas: Geostructural Engineer responsible for design review of the segmental lining of a 20-ft diameter tunnel, excavation support details of a 30-ft diameter, 550-ft deep access shaft, and a submerged intake structure 450 ft below the lake level.

SCOP, Las Vegas: Geostructural Engineer responsible for design of the steel lining of a pressurized water tunnel, with 10 ft inside diameter and 14 ft excavated diameter, with 150 psi internal pressure in addition to the external ground pressure. Performed shell analysis of a curved part of the alignment under internal pressure and design of an end thrust block on ground surface.

Shaft 14 in Mill Creek Tunnel, Cleveland, OH: Geostructural Engineer responsible for design of the cast in-place final lining for a 31-ft diameter and 300-ft deep shaft, including the tunnel connection. Performed detailed finite element analysis of lining intersections under earth and water pressure.

Kensico City Tunnel, New York: Kensico City Tunnel is a 24-ft diameter water tunnel in rock, carrying high internal water pressure. Geostructural Engineer responsible for numerical analysis of the stability of the unlined tunnel during construction and the safety against rock hydro-fracturing under operating conditions. Performed evaluation of the rock parameters for the Hoek-Brown model and 2D numerical analyses of the seepage forces and safety factors using FLAC 2D.

I-670/I-71 Interchange B-20 Bridge, Columbus, OH: Structural Engineer responsible for design of a 65 ft single span bridge with precast prestressed girders and cast in-place topping slab and abutment walls. Girder calculations to AASHTO LRFD-2010 and finite element analysis of the soil-structure interaction for the abutment walls using Plaxis 2D.

Twin-tube NATM highway tunnel in Algeria: Geostructural Engineer responsible for complete design and site follow-up of this twin-tube tunnel that carried three traffic lanes in each of the 15-m wide tubes. Emad performed numerical analyses of the primary support loading and excavation face stability using Plaxis 2D/3DT and a FE code he specifically developed for the project. Provided solutions for unforeseen rock conditions, analyzed site feedback/deformation records, and coordinated with the contractor’s consultant. Made nine site inspection trips to Algeria.

Highway Tunnels, Turkey: Structural Engineer responsible for detailed structural design of two highway tunnels in Turkey. Each tunnel included three traffic lanes, driven in poor rock (Classes IV & V) in Turkey. Excavation and support methodology according to the NATM. Performed finite element analyses to determine the forces in the primary support and final lining.

Ottawa Light Rail Tunnel, Confederation Line, Ottawa, Canada: Geostructural Designer of the 10-m (33 ft) wide NATM running tunnel and the 21-m (69-ft) wide Rideau Station cavern in rock and soft ground, including a domed headwall and escalator tunnel. Performed 3D analysis using Abaqus of the rock carrying capacity at the junction between the 20-m (66-ft) wide east entrance shaft and the station cavern.